Frequent question: What is the best LTE band in the Philippines?

Which LTE band is the fastest?

What LTE bands does T-Mobile use? Finally, T-Mobile has been the loudest and arguably the fastest growing 4G LTE network, especially in the big cities. Currently, T-Mobile’s main band is still band 4 (AWS) in the 1700 MHz range.

What is the fastest 4G LTE band?


  • Frequencies that can provide LTE: Band 2 (1900 MHz) …
  • 4G LTE offers fast download speeds, up to 50% faster speeds than 3G. See Data speeds.
  • Voice and data services only work at the same time when on you have VoLTE enabled on your device. Otherwise, LTE only provides data.
  • VoLTE (“Voice over LTE”)

How do I choose a LTE band?

On the new page, open the side menu by selecting the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner, then choose “Band Selection.” Here you will see a list of all supported bands on your phone, including LTE and 5G. You want to switch to a supported LTE band of your carrier.

What is the best band frequency?

The waves used by the 2.4GHz band are better suited for longer ranges and transmission through walls and solid objects. Therefore, 2.4GHz is more convenient if you need to provide a better scope on your devices or have many walls or other objects where you need coverage.

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Who uses band 66?

A radio frequency band used for mobile phones in the US. As one of the newest bands, it’s used exclusively for newer technologies such as LTE, a 4G technology. Band 66 is also known as AWS.

What is band 7 LTE?

Band 7 is an LTE operating frequency Band. LTE is designed to work across a number of frequency bands – E-UTRA operating bands- currently ranging from 450 MHz up to 3.8GHz. The available bandwidths are also flexible starting with 1.4 MHz up to 20 MHz with Carrier Aggregation allowing use of wider multiples.

How many LTE bands are there?

The frequency bands allocated for LTE are different in different countries around the world. There are two types of LTE Frequency Bands FDD and TDD.

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LTE Band Number Frequency Bandwidth (MHz)
LTE Band 36 1930 – 1990 MHz 60
LTE Band 37 1910 – 1930 MHz 20
LTE Band 38 2570 – 2620 MHz 50

What band does LTE use?

LTE bands are discrete slabs of frequencies that are used for telecommunications. So, for example, LTE Band 1 is stated to have a frequency of 2100 MHz (megahertz), but it actually uses frequencies between 1920 and 1980 MHz to uplink data and frequencies between 2110 and 2170 MHz to downlink data.

What is band 2 frequency?

Frequency Band of 3GPP LTE FDD mode

Band No. Uplink Frequency band Downlink Frequency band
2 1850 MHz – 1910 MHz 1930 MHz – 1990 MHz
3 1710 MHz – 1785 MHz 1805 MHz – 1880 MHz
4 1710 MHz – 1755 MHz 2110 MHz – 2155 MHz
5 824 MHz – 849 MHz 869 MHz – 894MHz
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What band is 600 MHz?

Band 71. A radio frequency band near 600 MHz, used for mobile phones starting in 2017. As a newer band, it is used exclusively for newer technologies such as LTE (4G) and NR (5G).