Frequent question: What is the largest province in Cambodia?


What is the best province in Cambodia?

1. Kampot province. Kampot province is probably one of the most visited places in Cambodia for tourists and even locals. The reason for that is Kampot offers many attractions such as pre-Angkorian ruins and caves, bicycle tours, river cruises, bamboo train rides and some beautiful rural countryside areas .

Which province is Phnom Penh in?

Phnom Penh has both the highest population and the highest population density of all provinces, but is the second smallest in land area.

Provinces of Cambodia.

Provinces of Cambodia រាជធានី/ខេត្តនៃព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា
Location Cambodia
Number 25
Populations 42,665 (Kep) – 2,281,951 (Phnom Penh)

What are the three largest cities in Cambodia?

Some of the big cities in Cambodia are Phnom Penh, Battambang, Siem Reap, and Kâmpóng Cham.

Biggest Cities In Cambodia.

Rank Biggest Cities in Cambodia Population in 2008 Census
1 Phnom Penh 1,242,992
2 Ta Khmau 195,898
3 Battambang 180,853
4 Serei Saophoan 181,396

What does Khan mean in Cambodia?

A commune is further divided into “Villages” (ភូមិ, phum). In Phnom Penh the districts are called Khan (ខណ្ឌ, khăn), and their subdivisions Sangkat (សង្កាត់, sángkăt) which are smaller in the other provinces.

How many city does Cambodia have?

In total, there are 25 cities in Cambodia.

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