Frequent question: Where can you see wild elephants in Thailand?

Are there any wild elephants left in Thailand?

In Thailand there is an estimated 3,000-4,000 elephants. Around half of this number are domesticated, the remainder living wild in National Parks Reserves. Some 300 are suffer under appalling conditions in Bangkok.

Where can I see tigers and elephants in Thailand?

Sanctuaries where elephants can live and roam are your best option for viewing elephants in their natural habitat. Responsible Travel, a site that vets ethical travel experiences, cites several ethical elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, including Elephant Nature Park in Kuet Chang and Elephant Valley in Chang Rai.

Is Thailand famous for elephants?

Asian elephants have been a symbol of Thailand since ancient times and these magnificent animals are currently recognised as part of the national identity. Elephants have played an important part in Thailand’s history and today the Thai elephant (“chang” in spoken Thai) is an enduring symbol of Thailand.

Why are elephants so special in Thailand?

Elephants abound in Thai art and popular culture. … The national symbol of Thailand, elephants are admired for their strength, endurance and intelligence. They have long had a role in Thai society; elephants were used in warfare centuries ago, and they also hauled logs and farm produce.

Is it illegal to hunt elephants in Thailand?

It has been almost a century since the elephant hunting was banned in Thailand, but it wasn’t until 1992 that the Wildlife Reservation and Protection Act (WRPA) prohibited the capture and trade of wild elephants and their products.

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How much is an elephant in Thailand?

Prices have exploded with elephants now commanding between 500,000 and two million baht ($17,000 to $67,000) per baby, estimates suggest.