Frequent question: Why did the British destroy the Singapore Stone?

When was the Singapore Stone produced?

An ancient relic, the Singapore Stone is a slab of sandstone that was a large boulder discovered in June 1819 in Singapore. It was blown up in 1843 to widen the mouth of the Singapore River.

What are the artifact of Singapore?


S/N Name Year
1 Singapore Stone Unknown
2 Portrait of Sir Frank Athelstane Swettenham 1904
3 Last will and testament of Munshi Abdullah 1854
4 Mace of the City of Singapore 1951

What was traded in Singapore before 1819?


Towards the end of the 14th century, Vietnamese and Thai ceramics entered the trade market in Singapore. Temasek or Singapura was attacked in the late 14th century and the hill settlement was abandoned after 1400.

Is badang real?

Badang is a legendary Southeast Asian strongman from the Malay world. He is from Sungai batu pahat, Johore. He is active in the court of the Raja Sri Rana Wikrama of the Kingdom of Singapura. He is associated with several geographical locations and historical artefacts, most notably the Singapore Stone.

What can we learn from the story above badang and the Singapore Stone?

According to local Malay folklore, Badang began as a poor fisherman who plied his trade at mouth of the Singapore River. … Known as the Singapore Stone, only a fragment remains, and is now kept in the Singapore History Museum. What can we learn from the story above? The weakness will be defeated by the strong one.

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