How big is the Grand Palace in Thailand?

Why is the Grand Palace so famous?

The dazzling, spectacular Grand Palace is undoubtedly the most famous landmark in Bangkok. It’s one must-see sight that no visit to the city would be complete without. It was built in 1782 and for 150 years was the home of the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government.

Can you go inside the Grand Palace in Bangkok?

Inside, visitors are actually allowed to visit the Grand Palace Hall (Chakri Maha Prasat), which is a large European style reception room.

How much did it cost to build the Grand Palace?

Opening the same year in 2011, Frisco ISD’s Grand Palace cost a whopping $27 million.

How much is the Grand Palace in Bangkok?

How Much Does it Cost to Visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The cost of the Grand Palace entry ticket is 500 THB ($12.50) per person plus extra for an audio guide.

How many buildings are in the Grand Palace?

The Palace’s Grounds

You will find that much of the palace consists of traditional Thai architecture, while other areas are inspired by the European renaissance era, and oftentimes you will see a combination of both. There are over 100 buildings on the grounds.

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How many temples are existing in Bangkok?

Bangkok is home to over 400 jaw-dropping wats (temples).