How do I call Singapore Digi helpline?

How do I call Digi customer service from overseas?

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  1. Call us at 016 221 1800.
  2. Chat with Us.
  3. Meet us in the store.
  4. Report an Issue.

How do I call Digi helpline?

Need Help?

  1. Help Centre.
  2. Call us at 016-2211800.
  3. Find a Digi Store.

How do I check my digi phone plan?

Please dial *128# -> My Account -> Call Plan. You can also download MyDigi app and the details of your plan will show.

How can I complain to Digi?

Re: Bad coverage complaint

@najihahiman, do submit your network feedback through MyDigi app when you encounter the issue:… Your feedback will help Digi shape its future.

How do I dial IDD from Singapore?

To make international calls from Singapore, first dial 001 and then the country code (U.S. or Canada 1, U.K. 44, Ireland 353, Australia 61, New Zealand 64). Next, dial the area code and number. For example, if you wanted to call the British Embassy in Washington, D.C., you would dial tel. 001-1-202/588-7800.

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How do I call Singapore from Digi Malaysia?

To call Singapore from Malaysia, dial: 00 – 65 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 65 – 8 Digit Mobile Number.

Why My Digi show no service?


Could be that your roaming service isn’t activated yet. Service is not given automatically for postpaid account and you need to request for it.

What is ID number for Digi?

Re: Digi careline need 4 digit id

@Zamrin it is usually the last 4 digit of your number’s registered NRIC.

How can I reactivate my Digi SIM?

Once a number has been terminated, there’s no other option to reactivate it back. For Digi Best Prepaid, ur last reload must not be more than 75 days. If it has exceeded 75 days, ur number will be terminated.

What is the code to check Digi balance?

Re: Check credit balance

To check your prepaid balance, press *126# and press SEND on your phone. You’ll get an IDD message showing how much balance you have on your DiGi prepaid card.

How long is Digi Sim valid?

Prepaid numbers have 75 days or 90 days of grace period after credit expiry, depending on the plan type. Beyond this grace period, the number will be terminated.

How can I check Digi contract expiry date?

Yes, you can check the contract period via Mydigi web ya, Log in to Mydigi web > Account > Plan setting.

How do I support PM Digi?

Contact our Customer Support if there is an urgent matter you need assistance about Digi products and services, instead of relying solely on the community portal. You can reach us via: PM on Facebook (, Tweet us at @MyDigi, or contact our Customer Support channel (

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How do I complain about network coverage?

As per the Telecom Consumers Protection and Redressal of Grievances Regulations, 2007, in case a consumer has a complaint, the first step is to register the complaint at the toll free Call Centre number of the service provider and obtain a docket number, confirming registration of the complaint.

How can I activate my Digi number?

Re: Activate digi prepaid sim card

Kindly re-insert the SIM card to the phone, Pakorn. Then dial 016-2211800 and wait for instruction to choose your language. Once the prefered language has been selected, the account will be activated 🙂 TQ.