How many alphabets are there in Khmer?

Which language of world has 84 numbers of alphabet?

Ubykh has 84 phonemic consonants, a record high amongst languages without click consonants, but only 2 phonemic vowels.

How old is Khmer language?

Khmer is the national language of Cambodia; it has a written tradition going back at least 1400 years. Khmer also has a special, if problematic, place in comparative Austro-Asiatic linguistics.

How is the alphabet in Khmer?

Originally there were 35 consonant characters, but modern Khmer uses only 33.

Khmer script.

Khmer Cambodian
Parent systems Proto-Sinaitic alphabet Phoenician alphabet Aramaic alphabet Brahmi alphabet Tamil-Brahmi Pallava Khmer

How many independent vowels are there in Khmer?

There are 24 vowels in Khmer.

Independent Vowels Name of Independent Vowels Value of Independent Vowels
ព្ធ sraq ay qay

How do you write Khmer vowels?

Type ç or sh to get ś Type aa, ii, uu for the long vowels ā, ī, ū Type w and ww for the vowels ə, ə̄ Type -r and -ri for ri and rī

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