How much food does Singapore consume?

What do Singaporeans consume the most?

In 2020, the Singapore population consumed 36 kilograms of chicken per capita. This was the most-consumed type of meat in that year.

Per capita meat consumption in Singapore in 2020, by type of meat (in kilograms)

Characteristic Per capita consumption in kilograms

How much meat does Singapore consume?

In 2020, the population of Singapore consumed around four kilograms of beef per person. After having the lowest consumption of beef in 2015 and 2016, the volume of beef consumed per citizen in Singapore in that year reached its highest.

How much vegetables Singapore consume?

In 2020, the population of Singapore consumed around 558 thousand metric tons of vegetables. The Health Promotion Board of Singapore recommends eating two servings of fruits and two servings of vegetables a day as part of a healthy diet.

How many eggs does Singapore consume per day?

In 2020, our per capita consumption was 388 eggs, up from 307 eggs in 2011.

How many eggs do Singaporeans eat?

In 2020, the per capita consumption of hen eggs in Singapore was 388 pieces. Eggs are a staple ingredient in the local cuisines, and salted egg is a popular local delicacy and ingredient.

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Are Singaporeans eating healthier?

An online survey of 1,000 Singapore residents aged between 18 and 70 found that 44 per cent felt physically healthier now than before the Covid-19 outbreak.

What is the most consumed meat in the world?

Table Rank 10 World’s Most Consumed Animal Meat by Humans

Rank Production of Meat in 2019 Total (Tons)
1 Chcken 118 Million Tons
2 Pig (Pork) 110 Million Tons
3 Cattle (Beef) 68 Million Tons
4 Sheep (lamb) 9,9 Million Tons

How much rice does Singapore consume?

Singapore Milled Rice Domestic Consumption by Year

Market Year Domestic Consumption Growth Rate
2017 287 -11.15 %
2018 321 11.85 %
2019 395 23.05 %
2020 325 -17.72 %

How much seafood does Singapore consume?

In 2020, the population of Singapore consumed around 22 kilograms of seafood per person.

Is Singapore self sufficient in food?

Singapore is a small city-state with limited resources, with only 1% of land available for food production, and over 90% of food is imported from an increasingly disrupted world. The COVID-19 pandemic has further amplified the gravity of safeguarding food security.

Is Xiao Bai Cai healthy?

Xiao Bai Cai is another health-promoting vegetable. It’s a good source of folate and Vitamins B6, C and K, and is fantastic when it comes to maintaining brain function, promoting healthy teeth, gums and bones, and supporting a healthy functioning immune system.