Is sailing in Thailand safe?

Can yachts enter Thailand?

Thailand is now allowing yachts to arrive, report, anchor at a designated location in a safe location, and for the crew to undertake a compulsory 14-day quarantine on board their vessel.

Do you need a boat license in Thailand?

To operate a Thai-registered vessel, a Thai boating licence is necessary.

Can foreigners own boats in Thailand?

A foreigner must bear in mind that in essence he/she, as an individual, has absolutely no right to own a Thai vessel. The law explicitly stipulates that the owner of a Thai vessel, which trades in Thai waters, shall be either a Thai national as an ordinary person or a juristic entity registered under Thai law.

Can you sail to Thailand from UK? presents 429 ferries to Thailand, with 12 ferry companies sailing from 47 ports with a choice of up to 46 ferry destinations in Thailand.

Can you buy a boat in Thailand?

It’s possible for foreigners to buy and (sort of) own boats in Thailand, but there are a lot of factors to be considered. Read on to learn a little more about the standard procedure for foreigners to buy and register a boat in Thailand.

How do I register my sailboat in Thailand?

Yacht registration documentation

  1. 3 copies of Sellers Passport including: data page, visa page & departure card.
  2. Residency letter from the Thai immigration office (ref what is this below).
  3. Sellers Power of Attorney for registering the Sale Agreement with the local Government office.
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How long does it take to sail from Thailand to UK?

FAQ for Shipping from Thailand to UK

Air freight shipping will take about 6-14 days. Sea freight shipping takes 45-49 days, but is the most affordable if you can wait.

Can you drive from England to Thailand?

You can still take your car from the UK to Thailand. natsuki*head wrote: You can still take your car from the UK to Thailand.

Can you get a train to Thailand from UK?

To travel by train from London in the United Kingdom to Bangkok in Thailand, the main route leads via France, Germany, Poland, Russia, China, Vietnam and Cambodia.