Question: What is the architecture like in Thailand?

What is the famous architecture of Thailand?

1. Elephant Tower, Bangkok. Elephant Building, otherwise known as the Chang Building, located in Chatuchak district of northern Bangkok, is one of the most prominent and famous buildings in Thailand because of its architectural resemblance to the elephant.

What influenced Thailand architecture?

Thai architectural style has been influenced primarily by Indian and Khmer architecture, although China and other countries have had impact as well (Thai people have been thought to have emigrated from South China). Most early Thai architecture was built of wood and has since disappeared.

What are 5 interesting facts about Thailand?

Fun and interesting facts about Thailand

  • Bangkok’s real name is super long. …
  • Thailand is a land of temple. …
  • Thailand used to be known as Siam. …
  • Siamese cats are native to Thailand. …
  • The first conjoined twin to become internationally known came from Thailand. …
  • Over 90 per cent of Thais are Buddhist. …
  • Males were all Buddhist monks.

What are the artifacts of Thailand?


Name Period Notes
Benjarong Bangkok, 18th century – present bowls, pedestal plates, roof tiles, and votive tablets. five colours, influenced from China
Lai Nam Thong Bangkok, 19th century – present

What are Thai temples made of?

Vihara This is the part of the temple where important Buddha images are housed. Chedi A chedi, or stupa, is a conical or bell-shaped structure adorned with gold but usually made from stucco-topped brick or laterite underneath.

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