Quick Answer: How many priests are there in the Philippines?

How many bishops are there in the Philippines?

The Catholic Church in the Philippines is organized into 72 dioceses in 16 Ecclesiastical Provinces, as well as 7 Apostolic Vicariates and a Military Ordinariate.

List of Current Bishops.

Ecclesiastical Province Manila
See Diocese of Malolos
Ordinary Dennis C. Villarojo
Date of Appointment Aug 21, 2019 (2 years, 77 days)

Who is the priest in the Philippines?

Fernando Suarez (7 February 1967 – 4 February 2020) was a Filipino Catholic priest who performed faith healing in the Philippines and abroad.

Fernando Suarez.

The Reverend Father Fernando Suarez
Born 7 February 1967 Taal, Batangas, Philippines
Died 4 February 2020 (aged 52) Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines

How many cardinals does the Philippines have?

The Philippines has produced nine cardinals. The population of Catholics in the Philippines constitutes the country’s largest religious denomination, as well as one of the largest Catholic populations among countries of the world.

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