What are some rights in Singapore?

Does Singapore have a Bill of Rights?

Singapore was granted a new state constitution in the form of the Constitution of the State of Singapore 1963. … At this time, there was no bill of rights in the 1963 State Constitution, as the fundamental liberties in Part II of the Federal Constitution applied to Singapore.

Is there a right to privacy in Singapore?

The Constitution of the Republic of Singapore does not include a right to privacy. … Other safeguards for privacy and personal data are included in the Official Secrets Act, the Statistics Act, the Statutory Bodies and Government Companies (Protection of Secrecy) Act and the Electronic Transactions Act.

Is healthcare a human right in Singapore?

Health has been recognized as a fundamental human right for as long as the idea of human rights has existed.

Does Singapore have freedom?

In 2018, Singapore was ranked 151st by Reporters Without Borders in the Worldwide Press Freedom Index. U.S.-based Freedom in the World scored Singapore 3 out of 7 for “political freedom”, and 3 out of 7 for “civil liberties” (where 1 is the “most free”), with an overall ranking of “partly free” for the year 2015.

Is Singapore safe?

Singapore is widely regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, with consistently low crime rates, a transparent legal system, and a reliable police force supported by proactive citizens.

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Is taking photos of someone illegal in Singapore?

No specific form is prescribed in the PDPA. Generally, written or recorded consent is preferred, but you can also rely on deemed consent. … So if a person poses for you to take a photo of them, they’re deemed to have granted you consent to take their photo.

Is it illegal to video record someone without their consent Singapore?

Singapore Law on Video Recording says that any person can request the footage. If speaking of museum surveillance, a visitor may request the footage for the day he/she visited the museum. The same refers to public places that video record people for security reasons.

Is full name PDPA?

What is the Personal Data Protection Act? Starting from 2 July 2014, the data protection obligations1 under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) will allow you to protect your personal data collected, used and disclosed by private organisations2.

Can you protest in Singapore?

Public demonstrations are rare in Singapore due to laws that make it illegal to hold cause-related events without a valid licence from the authorities. Such laws include the Public Entertainments Act and the Public Order Act.

Is freedom of speech allowed in Singapore?

Article 14 of the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore, specifically Article 14(1), guarantees to Singapore citizens the rights to freedom of speech and expression, peaceful assembly without arms, and association.