What are the extension services in the Philippines?

What are the types of extension services?

Recognized extension techniques include training and visit, demonstration farm projects, producers’ meetings, educational materials, and use of mass media. Extension activities must be multi-media to direct the process of technological change and development effectively.

What are the opportunities for Philippine extension?

Extension Programs, Projects and Partnerships

  • ATIng Gulayan ng DA. …
  • Ladderized Approach to ATI Extension Services. …
  • Private Extension Service Providers (P-ESPs) …
  • Farm Tourism Sites (FTS) …
  • Big Brother-Small Brother Extension Partnership Scheme on Farm Tourism. …
  • Livelihood for Rural-Based Organizations (RBOs) …
  • Assessment Center.

What is Extension Service Provider?

Extension Service Provider (ESP)

ATI taps the services of the external service providers to improve and hasten the delivery of extension services of the DA and to provide opportunities and wider participation of the private sector in the conduct of agricultural extension services.

What are extension systems?

1973: Extension is a service or system which assists farm people, through educational procedures, in improving farming methods and techniques, increasing production efficiency and income, bettering their standard of living and lifting social and educational standards.

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How many types of extension education are there?

there are mainly three types of education, namely, Formal, Informal and Non-formal.

How did the extension started in the Philippines?

The agricultural extension in the Philippines even started during the Spanish colonization period through the establishment of the model farms or the “Granjas Modelos” that were later transformed into Settlement Farm Schools (Serrano, 1987).

What are the concerns covered by extension?

Agricultural extension programmes cover a broad area including improved crop varieties, better livestock control, improved water management, and the control of weeds, pests or plant diseases.

What is extension project?

A: A project extension refers to the addition of activities and/or partners that require additional funding. Such additional activities comprise, for example, pilots or demonstrations that complement the existing framework of the project with additional ideas and often extended project geography.

What is community extension program in the Philippines?

It is pedagogy of teaching by which students learn and develop through active participation in organized community service. It is dedicated to meeting local community needs, while developing their academic skills, civic responsibility and commitment to the community.

What is private extension service providers?

Private Extension Service Providers (P-ESPs)

Considered as full-fledged extension agencies, P-ESPs are better equipped as our partners in the provision of extension services to farmers/fishers and their organizations.

What is an agricultural service provider?

Service providers are individuals or organizations who might offer assistance in your search for land or for a farmer.