What are the trees in Singapore?

How many species of trees are there in Singapore?

From today, the answers can be found at a new website trees.sg featuring over 500,000 trees from more than 1,000 species in Singapore’s urban landscape.

What are the big trees in Singapore?

The Tembusu is one of Singapore’s most distinctive trees. This native of Singapore is a large, evergreen tree that grows up to 40m in height.

Is there oak tree in Singapore?

Many are surprised to learn that there are Oak-trees in Singapore. This is perhaps because people often think of wavy edged leaves as the distinguishing feature of Oak trees. Although this is characteristic of some English and North American species, it is the exception rather than the rule.

Which tree is the largest heritage tree in Singapore?

Majestic mature trees are the natural heritage of Singapore and serve as important green landmarks of our Tropical Garden City.

S/N 1
Species Adansonia digitata (Baobab)
Location Eco Garden, near Melati gate
Girth size (m) 4.4
Height (m) 5

How tall are trees in Singapore?

There is a large Rain Tree in the Singapore Botanic Gardens with a girth of 5 metres and a height of 32 metres. It is classified as one of Singapore’s heritage trees. The Tembusu can grow up to 40 metres in height and can be recognised by its dark brown bark and unique perpendicular branching.

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