What does MOD mean in Thai?

What does SAI mean in Thai?

verb: to disapprove / to disgust / to irritate / to dislike.

What does Nan mean in Thai?

noun. /næn/ British, informal used by or to children. grandmother. ย่าหรือยาย

What does Mai Chai mean in Thai?

Chai/Mai chai/Mai ow: Yes/No/No thanks. Chai is yes. Mai chai is no. Mai at the start of a sentence negates the meaning. So it literally means no yes.

What does Nan mean in Scottish?

of the, in their.

What does Arai Wa mean?

Arai Wa is slang, means “Really?” I hope you don’t think the Na in Bang Na is the same word though…

What does Suay mak mak mean?

You’re very pretty. Khun suay mak mak. You’re cute.

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