What is farming like in Indonesia?

What is the main agriculture of Indonesia?


Food Crop Area Harvested (ha) Total Production (metric tons)
Wet paddy rice 8,755.721 37,027.443a
Dryland rice 1,146.572 2,005.502a
Maize 2,439.966 4,329.503
Cassava 1,291.845 14,057.027

How important is agriculture to Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of the most important and long-term partners of ACIAR. Indonesia’s agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors have long been an integral part of the economy, with millions of hectares of arable land and extensive marine resources across the diverse archipelago.

What do Indonesian farmers grow?

The major food crops, ranked by area harvested, are rice, corn, cassava, soybeans and peanuts. Indonesia is also one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of tree crops such as rubber, copra, palm kernels, palm oil, coffee, cocoa and spices (Ministry of Agriculture, 2001).

Why does Indonesia have good soil?

Indonesia illustrates the relation between climate and source rock in the formation of soils. … Highly fertile soils, also derived from or enriched by basic andesitic volcanic material, occur on Java and Celebes as well.

Why is there hunger in Indonesia?

Despite the strong growth that Indonesia has made in the agricultural sector, many families across the country still engage in traditional agricultural activities that are low-paid. This leads to hunger and stunting in children.

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How much is farm land in Indonesia?

The value for Agricultural land (sq. km) in Indonesia was 570,000 as of 2016. As the graph below shows, over the past 55 years this indicator reached a maximum value of 570,000 in 2016 and a minimum value of 370,520 in 1984.

What is the average farm size in Indonesia?

The median farm size increased by 50%, from about 2 ha in 1998 to 3 ha in 2018. The mean farm size is larger and increased from 3.7 ha to 4.8 ha during the same period. The mid-point is still larger and increased from 5 ha in 1998 to 8 ha in 2018, with an accelerated increase during the last 10 years.

What is Indonesia good at producing?

The country is a major exporter of crude petroleum and natural gas. In addition, Indonesia is one of the world’s main suppliers of rubber, coffee, cocoa, and palm oil; it also produces a wide range of other commodities, such as sugar, tea, tobacco, copra, and spices (e.g., cloves).

How does Indonesia help the environment?

USAID works closely with the Government of Indonesia (GOI) and other key partners on shared environmental priorities including improving natural resources management; promoting reliable and sustainable energy; increasing access to safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in urban areas; countering wildlife …

What animal do farmers use to help them in the fields in Indonesia?

Farmers keep chickens, ducks and pigs.