What is the difference between northern and southern Thailand?

What is the difference between North and South Thailand?

The landscape is one of the things that differs most between the North and the South of Thailand. The North is characterized by mountains and valleys; meanwhile, the South boasts stunning beaches and turquoise seas. These differences allow you to enjoy different activities.

Is northern Thailand cheaper than southern Thailand?

The north of Thailand is the cheaper region to travel.

What is northern Thailand known for?

Northern Thailand is renowned for its chilli dips. Naam phrik ong remains one of the favourites with pork, tomatoes and Northern Thai additions of fermented shrimp and soy beans. Naam phrik ong is served with steamed vegetables and, you guessed it, sticky rice.

Is Phuket North or South of Thailand?

Phuket province is located in southern Thailand. It is the biggest Island of Thailand and sits on the Andaman sea. The nearest province to the north is Phang-nga and the nearest provinces to the east are Phang-nga and Krabi.

Is Thailand Northern Hemisphere?

Thailand is an Asian country located in the southeast region of the continent. Now known as Thailand, or the Kingdom of Thailand, the country was once upon a time referred to as Siam.

Total Area and Population Size.

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Official Name Kingdom of Thailand
Landlocked No
Lat/Long 15°, 100°
Continent Asia
Region Asia

Where is southern Thailand?

From upper-left to lower-right: Sunrise Thailand Ko Samui, Tarutao National Park, Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, Rajjaprabha Dam and Phuket City. Southern Thai • Pattani Malay • Satun Malay • Mos • Urak Lawoi’ • Moklen • Hokkien etc.

Administrative divisions.

Name Phang Nga
Thai พังงา
Area 4,170.0
Pop. 268,240

What religion is Thailand?

NGOs, academics, and religious groups state that 85 to 95 percent of the population is Theravada Buddhist and 5 to 10 percent Muslim. Groups that together constitute less than 5 percent of the population include animists, Christians, Confucians, Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, and Taoists.

What country is Thailand close to?

Thailand is a Kingdom in Southeast Asia. It is bordered in west and northwest by Myanmar (Burma), in south west by the Andaman Sea, in east and north east by Lao PDR, in south east by Cambodia, in south by the Gulf of Thailand (an inlet of the South China Sea), and by Malaysia.