What is the largest minority ethnic group in Southeast Asia group of answer choices?

What is the largest minority in Southeast Asia quizlet?

The largest immigrant minority in Southeast Asia is the Chinese. (Is home to about 32 million out of the 50 million of them!)

What ethnicity is Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia

Area 4,545,792 km2 (1,755,140 sq mi)
HDI 0.723
Ethnic groups Indigenous (Southeast Asians) Austroasiatic, Austronesian, Negrito, Lolo-Burmese and Tai peoples East Asians Han South Asians Tamils
Religions Animism, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Tai folk, Taoism and Vietnamese folk

What is Southeast Asia’s leading economic activity quizlet?

Today agriculture remains Southeast Asia’s leading economic activity.

What is Southeast Asia made up most of quizlet?

Southeast Asia is made up of which major peninsulas and archipelagos? Indochina Peninsula, Malay Peninsula, and Malay Archipelago (Which is all of the islands of this region). You just studied 22 terms!

What is the largest minority ethnic group in Southeast Asia?

People from India (Indians) are the largest minority ethnic group in Southeast Asia.

What is the largest country in Southeast Asia?

Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia, stretching over 2,000 km from north to south. It has a total land area of 676,577 sq.

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How many ethnic groups are there in Southeast Asia?

There are more than 350 ethnic minorities in the countries of Southeast Asia. They often continue to take pride in their traditional customs, dances and dress, which are much appreciated by tourists.

How many ethnic groups are there in Asia?

Six origin groups – Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese – accounted for 85% of all Asian Americans as of 2019. These groups together largely shape the demographic characteristics of the overall U.S. Asian population.

Which of the following is an economic activity in South Asia?

Throughout history, agriculture has played a central role in the economies of South Asian countries. Over two-thirds of the population still depends on it for a living, and it accounts for nearly one-third of the region’s exports.

What are the main resources of Southeast Asia quizlet?

Marine life, plenty of water, fertile valleys, timber, minerals, geothermal energy, and petroleum reserves are among the wealth of natural resources available in Southeast Asia.