What is the significance of the Mekong River?

What makes the Mekong River unique?

The Mekong is a notoriously powerful river with significant variation in terms of its flow and volume according to the time of the year. In the upper regions, navigation is often difficult owing to rapids and waterfalls along its course, as well as the fact it is subject to extreme seasonal variations.

What are the features of Mekong River?

The Mekong River connects six countries in Southeast Asia and flows through six distinct geographical regions, each with characteristic features of elevation, topography, and land cover. It originates on the Tibetan Plateau and flows down to the mountainous area through the Yunnan Province in the Hengduan Mountains.

Why does the Mekong Basin matter to the US?

Mekong countries are key diplomatic, economic, and security partners for the United States. The US has allocated more than $2 billion in development assistance to bilateral and regional initiatives in the Mekong over the last decade. … To date, the US government has provided more than $120 million for LMI programming.

Where does the Mekong River flow into?

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