Where can I buy cheap nasi lemak in Singapore?

How much does a nasi lemak cost in Singapore?

Prices begin from $4.20 for a standard Nasi Lemak Set, which comes with a fried egg, chicken wing, and sambal. You can add an Otah ($1) and Ikan Bilis ($0.50) to complete your meal.

How much does nasi lemak cost in Malaysia?

ready to fork out anywhere between RM26-RM45 for a decent nasi lemak in these cities: With prices like those; you may swear off nasi lemak for as long as you’re there.

What makes a good nasi lemak?

It’s not just the ingredients that makes a good nasi lemak. Pandan leaves and coconut milk play a huge role in enhancing the fragrance and richness of the rice, complemented by the spicy sambal chilli sauce that you can’t miss out on.

Is nasi lemak in Singapore?

In Singapore, nasi lemak is a notable Malay dish, and is acknowledged as an important part of Singapore’s food heritage. The dish is sold across Singapore, and some people cook it at home as well. Although traditionally consumed during breakfast, the dish is now eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

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