Where do most Myanmar people live?

Where do Myanmar people live?

The Bamar live primarily in the Irrawaddy River basin and speak the Burmese language, which is the sole official language of Myanmar at a national level. Bamar customs and identity are closely intertwined with the broader Burmese culture.

Bamar people.

Cambodia 4,700

What part of Myanmar has the highest population?

The majority of Myanmar’s population is rural, with the density of settlement in each region related to agricultural production, particularly of rice. Thus, the most populous regions are the Irrawaddy delta and the dry zone, and the highest densities are found in the upper delta, between Yangon and Hinthada (Henzada).

Who are the majority in Myanmar?

Myanmar (Burma) is a majorly a Buddhist majority country with a significant minority population residing in the country.

How many Myanmar live in USA?

According to the 2010 United States Census, 100,200 persons of Burmese descent resided in the United States, an increase of 499% over the previous census, which recorded 16,720 individuals of Burmese descent.

Where do Burmese Americans live?

Top 10 U.S. metropolitan areas by Burmese population, 2019

Metro area Burmese population
New York 7,000
Milwaukee 6,000
Los Angeles 6,000
San Francisco 5,000
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How many Burmese people live in Texas?

Burmese refugees have been resettled to multiple different states in the United States, with the majority resettled to 10 specific states (Figure 4).

Population Movements.

Top 10 States * Number Percent (%)
Texas 16,689 14.2
New York 10,300 8.7
Indiana 8,216 7.0
North Carolina 6,386 5.4

How many Burmese live in Fort Wayne?

With an estimated population of more than 10,000, Fort Wayne’s Burmese population is the largest outside the country of Burma (Myanmar).

What is the richest city in Myanmar?

List of cities by urban population

hideRank City 2014 Census (2019 Estimate)
1 Yangon 5,160,512
2 Mandalay 1,319,452
3 Naypyidaw 375,189
4 Mawlamyine 231,894