Which car brand has best resale value in Malaysia?

Does Honda have good resale value?

Honda was proudly awarded five Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards in 2019 for every category for every vehicle type that the brand produces including: Best Resale Value: Hybrid Car, Honda Insight. Best Resale Value: Compact Car, Honda Civic.

Which Malaysia car is best?

The top car brands are. Get technical information, user review, and road test of the most searched cars in the Malaysia.

Popular Cars of 2021.

Model Price List
Perodua Myvi RM 41,292 – RM 52,697
Perodua Axia RM 23,367 – RM 41,427
Nissan Almera RM 74,199 – RM 83,919
Proton X50 RM 79,200 – RM 103,300

Which car brand has worst resale value?

Cars With the Lowest Resale Value

  • BMW i3.
  • Nissan Leaf.
  • Chevrolet Bolt.
  • Audi A8 Plug-in.
  • BMW 745e.
  • Genesis G90.
  • Volvo S90 T8.
  • Volkswagen Arteon.

What cars have depreciated the most?

Vehicles that Depreciate the Most

Top 10 Vehicles With the Highest Depreciation – iSeeCars Study
Rank Vehicle Average 5-Year Depreciation
1 Nissan LEAF 65.1%
2 BMW i3 63.1%
3 BMW 7 Series 61.5%

Which has better resale Toyota or Honda?

KelleyBlueBook, or KBB, declared that Toyota was the brand with the highest resale value overall, while the Japanese maker’s Lexus division was tops among luxury brands. According to KBB, the typical Toyota is expected to yield 46.1 percent of its original value at trade-in time after five years on the road.

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Does Honda lose value?

Some of the most reliable Honda resale value vehicles include: Honda Accord – 5-year depreciation value of ~45% Honda Civic – 5-year depreciation value of ~43% … Honda HR-V – 5-year depreciation value of ~43%

Do Hondas last longer?

Some Honda vehicles like the Honda Accord, Civic and Odyssey are in the top ten longest lasting cars in the world. If you are in the market for a vehicle, I highly recommend purchasing a Honda for the brand’s mileage endurance and longevity. Honda is a car brand that boasts one of the longest life spans for a vehicle.