Who is the father of Philippine theater?

Who introduced Theatre in the Philippines?

The first Filipino comedia was performed in Latin and Spanish by Fr. Vicente Puche in Cebu in 1598. On the other hand, a zarzuela is a form of musical theater that combines spoken word and song that celebrates various Catholic liturgical feasts.

Who is Filipino Theatre?

Tanghalang Pilipino (Philippine Theater) is the leading exponent of Philippine theater and the resident drama company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines since its organization in 1987.

Who is Ricardo Abad?

Ricardo Abad Martínez (Tafalla, January 8, 1971) is a Spanish ultrarunner. He holds the world record for consecutive marathons run on consecutive days, 607. He is famous for executing the project “500 marathons in 500 days”, in which he completed 500 marathons in 500 consecutive days.

Who is the founder of Tanghalang Pilipino?

Tanghalang Pilipino founded by Nonon Padilla. New resident theater company of CCP, replacing Teatro Pilipino and Bulwagang Gantimpala.

Who is the artist of Theatre?

Theatre artist is an actor who uses the stage for performance based on a real or fictional story in front of a live audience in one take. Theatre artist is different from tv or movie actors as they do not get second chance to perform. They use songs, musicals, poems, drama, dance, speech to exhibit their art.

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