Who is the last Spanish governor general in the Philippines?

Who is the last civil governor in the Philippines?

Major General Adna Chaffee was the final military governor. The position of military governor was abolished in July 1902, after which the civilian office Governor-General became the sole executive authority in the Philippines.

Who is General Basilio Augustin?

Basilio Augustín y Dávila (February 12, 1840 – August 7, 1910) was briefly a Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines, from April 11 to July 24, 1898. … During his tenure, the Spanish–American War began, which he assured the Spanish would be “short” and “decisive”.

Who is the first and last governor general of the Philippines?

Francis Burton Harrison, (born Dec. 18, 1873, New York City—died Nov. 21, 1957, Flemington, N.J., U.S.), U.S. governor general of the Philippines (1913–21) and later adviser to Philippine presidents.

Who was the last viceroy?

Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy.

Who is the third and last military governor of the Philippines?

The answer is: General Arthur MacArthur.

Who was the Spanish chief executive of the Philippines during the Spanish period?

Miguel López de Legazpi, (born c. 1510, Zumárraga, Spain—died Aug. 20, 1572, Manila, Phil.), Spanish explorer who established Spain’s dominion over the Philippines that lasted until the Spanish-American War of 1898.

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