Who will appoint the head of Indonesian National Police?

Who appoints the head of police?

A police chief is appointed by and answerable to a national or local government, with the main exception being elected sheriffs in the United States.

Who is the head of country police?

List of current Chiefs of Police Forces in the States and Union territories of India

S.No. State Name of Police Chief
9 Himachal Pradesh Sanjay Kundu, IPS
10 Jharkhand Niraj Sinha, IPS
11 Karnataka Praveen Sood, IPS
12 Kerala Anil Kant, IPS

Who is higher than the police commissioner?

DGP (Director General of Police)

All the States have a Director General of Police (DGP). Commissioner of Police is not a rank, but it is a posting. The senior-most police officer in a commissionerate is the Commissioner of Police.

What is the name of Prime Minister of Indonesia?

Joko Widodo is the 7th and current president of Indonesia.

President of Indonesia.

President of the Republic of Indonesia
Presidential Seal
Incumbent Joko Widodo since 20 October 2014
Government of Indonesia
Style Mr./Madam President (Bapak/Ibu Presiden) (informal) The Honourable (formal) His/Her Excellency (international correspondence)

How many police are there in Indonesia?

As reported by Katadata, the number of Indonesian National Police personnel increased by 27,012 to 470,391 in 2019. This number has increased by 5.7 percent compared to 2018 which was only 443,379 personnel.

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Who implemented the police system in India?

British government introduced Indian council act 1861 and created the foundation of a modern and professionalized police bureaucracy in India known as the Indian Imperial Police. Indian Imperial Police was open to Indians in 1920 and the entrance examination for the service was conducted both in India and England.