Why do Filipinos have two middle names?

Do Filipinos have 2 middle names?

Both the middle name and surname names are shared with all other siblings in a family. Some people may choose to use only the initial of their mother’s maiden name as their middle name (e.g. Jose Mario B. PINEDA). The mother’s maiden name is a legal requirement for Filipino passports and other official documents.

Why is middle name different in the Philippines?

Under Philippine regulations, for single women and men, the middle name refers to the surname of the person’s mother. Once a woman marries and decides to use the surname of her husband, the maiden middle name (i.e. Santos) is automatically dropped and is replaced by her maiden surname (i.e. Cruz).

Why are Filipino names so weird?

The conversation soon turned to the fact that the Philippines is a melting pot of different cultures, and perhaps that is what led to these strange names. … The Spanish introduced the concept of surnames – in fact they issued a decree in 1849 that everyone had to have a surname. So even today, most surnames are Spanish.

What is the reason behind middle names?

Middle names began to find favor among wealthy extended families in the late 1700s. Aristocratic families increasingly began giving their children two names, so that by the time of the Revolution a quite small but traceable number of southerners carried middle names, mainly those from upper-class families.

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Do Filipinos have Spanish blood?

While a sizeable number of Filipinos have Spanish surnames following an 1849 decree that Hispanicised Filipino surnames, chances are most people have a tenuous, or no link to Spanish ancestry. “The notion of being perceived as Hispanic or Latin still has value — it’s a source of pride,” Dr Sales said.

Can you marry someone with the same last name in Philippines?

Under Article 370 of the Civil Code of the Philippines, it states that a married woman may use: Her maiden first name and surname and add her husband’s surname, or. Her maiden first name and her husband’s surname, or. Her husband’s full name, but prefixing a word indicating that she is wife, such as “Mrs.”

Can I use my middle name as my last name Philippines?

Whatever your reason, you can have your name changed legally. … Middle names, which in the Philippines are traditionally the mother’s maiden surname, are not required but are often necessary for verifying your identity or in distinguishing you from others who have the same first and last names.

Do Filipinos have 2 first names?

Filipinos have various naming customs. … The construct containing several middle names is common to all systems, but having multiple “first” names and only one middle and last name is a result of the blending of American and Spanish naming customs.

What is Filipino race?

Officially, of course, Filipinos are categorized as Asians and the Philippines as part of Southeast Asia. But describing Filipinos as Pacific Islanders isn’t necessarily wrong either. In fact, for a long time, Filipinos were known as Pacific Islanders.

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