Why is Indonesia so bad at football?

Why is Indonesia bad at soccer?

While the country as a whole is confronting slow economic growth, a lack of infrastructure, and environmental abuses, Indonesian soccer faces a lack of investment in youth and facilities, unstable clubs and leagues, and a seemingly endless series of scandals.

Is football famous in Indonesia?

Association football is the most popular sport in Indonesia, in terms of annual attendance, participation and revenue. It is played on all levels, from children to middle-aged men. Liga 1, the Indonesian domestic league is popular.

Is Indonesia a football country?

The Indonesia national football team (Indonesian: Tim Nasional Sepak Bola Indonesia) represents Indonesia in international association football. This was the first Asian team to participate in the FIFA World Cup, particularly the 1938 edition of the tournament. … The team’s only Olympic appearance was in 1956.

Who won 2018 FIFA World Cup?

Why is Indonesia not in the World Cup?

The Indonesian national football team has only participated once in the FIFA World Cup, which is the 1938 World Cup in France, under the name Dutch East Indies. … The team suffered a long hiatus from FIFA World Cup since 1958 due to an unfavourable political situation – both internally and externally.

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