Why is my Thai basil flowering?

Should I let my Thai basil flower?

Check your basil plants frequently for flowers, and if you see any, pinch them off right away. If the flower stems are too woody to pinch (often the case with Thai basil), cut them off with shears. A plant allowed to flower will soon go to seed, stop growing, and die, so be vigilant about removing flowers.

Should I cut the flowers off my basil?

Don’t let the basil plant go to flower.

If a flower bud appears, cut it off just above the set of opposing leaves beneath the bud. You can eat those tasty basil buds! … Cutting off the flower is called deadheading, most flowers will produce more and longer blooms if you deadhead them.

Is basil still good after it flowers?

All parts of the basil plant are edible, including the flowers, leaves and stems. Moreover, all parts of the plant remain edible even after the basil plant flowers. Once the basil flowers, the taste typically becomes more bitter.

How do you grow Thai basil from flowers?

How To Grow Thai basil? 6 Simple Steps

  1. Take a 4-inch section of the stem before it blooms.
  2. Take off the leaves from the bottom part of the stem.
  3. Put the stem in a small container with enough water.
  4. Place the container near a window.
  5. Change the water daily.
  6. When roots emerge, move the basil to a small pot.
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How do you keep basil from bolting?

For plants like parsley, you can cut the flower stalk off and pinch back the plant to encourage foliage growth. The same goes for basil. Snipping off flowers encourages the basil plant to resume producing leaves, halting further bolting.

How do you take care of Thai basil?

Caring for Thai basil

Harvest regularly and remove flower spikes to delay your basil running to seed. Thai basil prefers a moist soil, so enrich with compost and manure, water regularly, and mulch to reduce water loss through evaporation. Always water the soil and not the foliage, especially in hot weather.