You asked: How many regions are there in Myanmar?

What are the 7 regions of Myanmar?

They are Kachin State, Kayah State, Kayin State, Chin State, Sagaing Region, Taninthayi Region, Bago Region, Magway Region, Mandalay Region, Mon State, Rakhine State, Yangon Region, Shan State, Ayeyawady Region and Union territories.

What is the main region of Myanmar?

Myanmar is divided into seven yin (regions), seven pyine (states), and one union territory.

Primary subdivisions:

Region Ayeyarwady
Area(km.²) 35,167
Area(mi.²) 13,578
Capital Pathein
Pc 10

How many cities are there in Myanmar?

In total, there are 47 cities in Myanmar. The largest city is Rangoon with a population of 7 360 703.

Which province is Yangon in?

To the west, it shares borders with the division of Ayeyarwady, and to the east the province is bordered by the province of Bago. The total area of Yangon province is estimated to be close to four thousand square miles.

Yangon Province, Burma Lat Long Coordinates Info.

Country Myanmar (Burma)
Country Code MM
Zoom Level 8

How many religions are there in Myanmar?

Basic facts. Myanmar has a population of 54 million (2009 est.), of which 90% profess Theravada Buddhism (49 million), 4% Christianity (1.65 million Baptists and 550,000 Roman Catholics), 4% Islam (2.2 million), 1% Hinduism (550,000), and the remaining 1% consists of Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism and Animism.

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