Your question: Does Indonesia have grab?

Is grab available in Indonesia?

Serving you in Indonesia

Today, Grab is present in eight countries across the region.

Is grab available in Jakarta?

Jakarta. GrabCar Protect, the plastic-partitioned online taxis belonging to ride-hailing firm Grab Indonesia, is now available in Jayapura, Papua, to ensure safer trips amid the pandemic.

Is grab in Indonesia safe?

“The safety and security of all drivers, passengers and the public are our highest priority … No violation of our code of ethics and no form of crime will be tolerated,” Grab Indonesia managing director Ridzki Kramadibrata told the Jakarta Globe via email.

How many people use grab in Indonesia?

Ride-sharing provider Grab had approximately 2.8 million active drivers as of 2019, followed by Indonesian company Go-Jek with about one million.

Number of active drivers of Asia Pacific ride-sharing companies as of 2019 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of active drivers in millions

Does Indonesia have Uber?

Today, it owns half of Indonesia’s ride-hailing market and 95 per cent of the country’s food delivery business, according to its CEO Nadiem Makarim. After Uber left Southeast Asia, Go-Jek decided to expand across the region.

Can I use Grab Malaysia in Indonesia?

Grab is now available in more than 336 cities across Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Is Grab legal in Bali?

Online ride apps – the likes of GOJEK, Grab, and Blue Bird taxi – are available in Bali, while Uber has been defunct in South East Asia after being acquired by Grab in early 2018. So the short answer is, yes you can, but not everywhere in Bali. Ride sharing apps have certain areas they are allowed to operate from.

Is grab popular in Indonesia?

Grab has a 45 percent market size in Indonesia to rank third after Shopee (76 percent) and digital marketplace Tokopedia (61 percent). … For example, while 61 percent of respondents use Tokopedia, the local ecommerce giant’s performance was only rated average when it comes to consumer satisfaction.