Your question: How do I get from Johor to Singapore?

How do I get from Johor Bahru to Singapore?

The distance between Johor Bahru and Singapore is 22 km. The road distance is 28.6 km. How do I travel from Johor Bahru to Singapore without a car? The best way to get from Johor Bahru to Singapore without a car is to subway which takes 50 min and costs RM 3 – RM 10.

How much is the bus fare from Johor Bahru to Singapore?

Johor bahru to Singapore Bus Service

Avg. Bus Duration : 30 mins
Buses depart from : Johor bahru
Bus arrives in : Singapore
Distance : 22.8 km
Cheapest Bus Ticket : MYR 15.25

Can I travel from Malaysia to Singapore by bus?

An inexpensive and efficient way to get from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is by bus. The ride typically takes between five and six hours, depending on traffic and processing time at the border.

Can Malaysians enter Singapore now?

Entry into Singapore under the Singapore-issued PCA is open only to the following groups of travellers: (i) Malaysia Citizens and Malaysia Permanent Residents holding a valid Singapore-issued work pass; or (ii) Malaysia Citizens who are Singapore Permanent Residents.

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Can I go Johor now?

The state of Johor is finally entering Phase 4 of National Recovery Plan (NRP) as announced by the National Security Council (NSC). Kindly be informed that as per latest announcement by Government on 10 October 2021, interstate travel is now allowed beginning 11 October 2021.

How many days quarantine in Singapore from Malaysia?

Ringgit to hold steady against Singdollar, say analysts. This means that travellers entering from Malaysia have to serve a seven-day stay-home notice (SHN) at their declared place of residence or accommodation, down from 10 days previously.

How long is the Causeway between Singapore and Malaysia?

The actual distance between Singapore’s Woodlands Checkpoint and Malaysia’s Bangunan Sultan Iskandar is approximately 2.4 km (1.5 mi).

Johor–Singapore Causeway
Design Causeway
Material Rubble
Total length 1 km (0.62 mi) (Causeway) 2.4 km (1.5 mi) (Distance between both checkpoints)

How can I go to Singapore from Malaysia?

Travel by train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore takes about 8-10 hours. Travel by plane (direct flights) from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore takes about 1 hour. Travel by private car + shuttle train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (via Johor) takes about 6 hours.

Can we travel from Malaysia to Singapore without visa?

Indian citizens are required to have a Singapore visa to visit Singapore. Singapore is a separate country and has its own visa rules. You can’t use a Malaysian visa to enter Singapore. There is no visa on arrival option for Singapore, so you’ll have to apply for a Singapore visa in advance in your home country.

How long does it take from Malaysia to Singapore by bus?

The journey by bus from KL to Singapore takes between 5 and 7 hours depending on traffic, which includes a stop for the customs checkpoint and often a stop at JB. Some services offer an express service, stopping only at customs, but some services will stop for a refreshment break for around 20 minutes on route.

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Who can enter Singapore now?

All work pass holders, Student’s Pass holders, their dependants, and holders of In-Principle Approval (IPA) letters must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter Singapore.

How Malaysian can work in Singapore?


These employees must be willing to spend at least 90 days in Singapore for work upon entry, and be a: Malaysian Citizen or Malaysian Permanent Resident, and hold a valid long-term pass* for business and work purposes in Singapore; or.

What are the requirements to enter Singapore?

A valid Singapore entry visa (to check whether you need a visa, see Visa Requirements) A confirmed onward or return ticket (where applicable) Evidence that you can enter your next destination (for example, a visa) A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, if applicable.