Your question: When did Thailand close Maya Bay?

In what month and year did Thailand close Maya Bay?

The beach on Phi Phi Leh island was shut for four months on June 1 to salvage the area’s coral reefs, which have taken a battering from warmer water temperatures as well as visitors dropping rubbish.

Is Maya Bay still closed 2020?

A Thai bay that was made famous by its appearance in the film The Beach is to remain closed until 2021. Maya Bay, on the island of Phi Phi Leh, was temporarily closed last year after officials said a sharp rise in visitors had severely damaged the environment.

Can you still visit Maya Bay?

Maya Bay, a beautiful cove made famous by “The Beach” — a 2000 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio — will reopen to tourists on January 1, 2022, according to a statement issued by Thailand’s Department of National Parks.

What island is closed in Thailand?

Thailand has ordered the island of Phuket to be completely sealed off from the rest of the country. On July 1, Thailand opened the island to international vaccinated tourists without quarantine, a landmark moment for tourism in Southeast Asia. On July 28, Thailand recorded a daily record of 16,533 COVID-19 cases.

How visitor access Maya Bay before its closure?

How was Maya Bay visited by tourists? Before Maya Bay was shut for the first time due to ecological recovery, hordes of tourists visited via boat. Visiting by speedboat was one of the most common ways, followed by a long tail boat ride.

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Is Phi Phi island open for tourists?

Is Phi Phi Island open now? Phi Phi Island is partially open for domestic and international tourists now. International tourists can visit under the 7+7 Krabi scheme.

Are there sharks in Phi Phi Island?

You don’t need to be afraid, there are no dangerous species of sharks around Phi Phi Islands. Mostly the sharks here are very timid. There has never been any case of a human being attacked or bitten by a shark around Koh Phi Phi. For any marine life lover, Koh Phi Phi is must stop during your Thailand trip.