Best answer: How much rainforest is there in Malaysia?

How much rainforest is cut down in Malaysia?

A research team made up of scientists from three universities used new satellite technology to survey the rainforest. They found that 80% of the tropical landscape had been degraded by logging, largely due to timber or oil palm production.

Is deforestation illegal in Malaysia?

The main threats to Malaysian forests include: illegal logging, clearing for plantations (namely for oil palm production), and damage from invasive species. Policies are in place to protect forests, but enforcement is poor and illegal harvest and trading continues unchecked.

Why is Borneo losing its jungle?

But in the last century, the world’s third-largest island (shared by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei) has lost a significant portion of its forests to fire, illegal logging and the expansion of palm oil and pulpwood plantations. … Oil palm plantations are the main driver of deforestation in Borneo.

How many trees are cut down in Malaysia?

Primary forest loss and tree cover loss: Malaysia

Year Primary forest Tree cover (30%)
2012 244,307 628,738
2013 106,041 333,620
2014 230,429 646,325
2015 154,354 454,517

Does Malaysia have sharks?

Malaysia has 63 species of sharks in its waters. Out of these 63 species, only the whale shark is protected under the Fisheries Act 1985. They are top predators that keep ecosystems in balance. They can be found in nearly every marine habitat from mangroves, to coral reefs, to the open seas.

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