Best answer: Is there much crime in Malaysia?

How is the crime rate in Malaysia?


STAT Malaysia
Total crimes per 1000 6.85 Ranked 63th.
Violent crime > Gun crime > Guns per 100 residents 1.5 Ranked 128th.
Intentional homicide rate 2.3 Ranked 67th.
Murder rate 604 Ranked 40th.

Is Malaysia a safe place to live?

Is Malaysia safe to live in? Malaysia is absolutely safe to live in. Where you live will influence how safe you are though as there are different rates of crime throughout the country.

How many murders in Malaysia per year?

Malaysia murder/homicide rate for 2013 was 2.13, a 2.74% increase from 2012. Malaysia murder/homicide rate for 2012 was 2.07, a 11.95% increase from 2011. Malaysia murder/homicide rate for 2011 was 1.85, a 3.36% decline from 2010. Malaysia murder/homicide rate for 2010 was 1.91, a 5.36% decline from 2009.

Are Malaysians nice?

Malaysians are naturally friendly and nice to strangers, and Kuala Lumpur is the best example of this. The easy-going temperament of locals and their friendliness towards visitors means that it’s easy to make friends here. “KL is a top spot for both tourists and expats, ” Big 7 Travel wrote on its website.

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Is Malaysia safer than Thailand?

Is Malaysia Better & Safer than Thailand? Malaysia is popular among Southeast Asian countries for being relatively safe as compared to its neighbors. Although the country is at low risk for scams on tourists, petty crime is common such as bag snatching. … We can vouch that it is safer than Thailand.

Which city is best to live in Malaysia?


  1. KUALA LUMPUR. Given past British involvement in Malaysia, you can get by solely speaking English here, especially in KL. …
  2. PENANG. Penang is a more rural location, but a great option for those looking to be closer to the beach. …
  3. LANGKAWI. …

Is it safe in Kuala Lumpur?

The truth is that Kuala Lumpur is a safe city to visit, although crime does exist here. Pickpockets operate in popular tourist areas, and petty crime is an issue. However visitors to this bustling metropolis can reduce their chances of being a victim by being aware of what criminal activity exists here.

How many crimes are there in Malaysia?

The statistics provided is based on administrative records obtained from various agencies. Crime index ratio per 100,000 population for Malaysia in 2019 improved to 256.6 as compared to 273.8 in 2018. The crime index ratio for all states declined except for Pulau Pinang (3.7%), Sarawak (4.2%) and Terengganu (1.3%).

Is Malaysia better than Singapore?

Singapore’s highly developed economy enjoys stable prices and a per capita GDP higher than that of most developed countries. According to the World Bank’s 2017 Ease of Doing Business Report, Singapore ranks #2 as the easiest place to do business in the world, while Malaysia is ranked #24.

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Is Malaysia worth living?

Malaysia is a low cost country to live in and if you are on a pension from a developed country you will find that it offers a much better standard of living than in your own country. Since remittances from abroad are not taxed it makes the programme even more attractive, if your funds are not taxed at source.

Why Malaysia is a good country?

The country has good infrastructure which is continuously being improved. There is a world-class airport, a modern capital city and excellent road networks linking all the major cities and towns. Malaysia also has a strong commitment to becoming a leading IT hub for the region.