Frequent question: How long is Diploma in Malaysia?

How long does it take to finish diploma?

Diplomas can be completed in significantly less time

University degrees require a minimum of three years of full-time study, while diplomas need only two years at the very most. Most diplomas can be completed within a year or much less.

How many years is a diploma?

A diploma is a short-term course, lasting 1 or 2 years, and is not necessarily given by a university. It could be conducted by an institute or polytechnic as well. Only a university can confer a degree. To pursue higher education, a degree from only a UGC approved university is accepted.

What level is diploma in Malaysia?

Academic Qualifications at the Higher Education Level

Malaysian Higher Education Qualifications, Education Levels and Minimum Number of Credits
6 Bachelor degree 120
Graduate diploma 60
Graduate certificate 30
5 Advanced diploma 40

Is diploma easy or hard?

Diploma is totally different from 12th. But it is not tough. It depends on you that how you manage your study and it is not called tough. No any subject is tough or easy.

What is a 3 year diploma called?

A bachelor degree is usually 3 years of duration and recognized by UGC and university. After the completion of 3 years a course candidate gets award of a bachelor degree.

Is diploma better than 12?

Diploma is after 10th ,(10th is easier many have scored great percentage) it’s easier to get any field you want not much problem in selecting your branch but I have seen many students having chosen wrong branch,offcourse a 12th student’s decision is more matured than 10th.

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Is a diploma a degree?

A Diploma course is more detailed than a certificate one, but less than a degree program, and takes a year or two to complete. … The Diploma course will only provide you with an in-depth perception of your subject area, which you can explore even further during a degree program.

Is STPM same as diploma?

The STPM is just a Pre-University programme which is one step lower than a Diploma. With at least 3 credits in your SPM or 3 Bs in UEC, you can join most Diploma courses in Malaysia.

Do universities accept diplomas?

Can I Study At A University With A Diploma Pass? If you have a Diploma Pass, you can study a diploma course at a university or college. Note that you will not meet the requirements for all the courses that they have to offer. … To study at a degree level, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree Pass.