Frequent question: What is the most expensive fruit in Thailand?

What fruit is Thailand famous for?

The refreshing, sweet and delicious Thai Mango is in a class of its own. No wonder it is Thailand’s most popular fruit. Thai people love raw green mango with sugar, salt and chilly as a snack, and ripe mango with sticky rice and coconut milk as a dessert. There are many different varieties of Mangoes in Thailand.

What is the closest fruit to an apple in Thailand?

Guava or Fa-Rang (ฝรั่ง)

Guava is one of the most common Thai fruits you’ll find on the street. It has about the same size as an apple with light green skin, white pulp and thousands of seeds inside. The taste is sweet and the texture is a little creamy when it’s perfectly ripe, in other case it can be a bit harder.

How many fruits are there in Thailand?

It has high diversification in tropical fruits. Thai fruits are popular among consumers throughout the world with more than 1,000 varieties of tropical and sub-tropical fruit were reported in Thailand and 57 kinds of fruit are produced commercially.

Why durian fruit is banned in Thailand?

Due to its excessive odour, Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong have banned the durian fruit in public transport. In Singapore, durian fruit is not allowed on all types of public transport and even taxis have signs to tell you that they refuse to carry passengers carrying stinky fruits.

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