How many active trenches are there in the Philippines name them?

Which is the longest among these active trenches in the Philippines?

Philippine Trench

Also known as Mindanao Trench, this submarine trench is located in the Philippine Sea, spreads in a length of 1,320km and 30km width in the east of Philippines.

What is the big one?

The “Big One” is a worst-case scenario of an earthquake from the West Valley Fault, a 100-kilometer fault that runs through six cities in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. A tsunami is also foreseen in the scenario set by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs).

What are the 5 active faults in the Philippines?

Map of known active faults in central and northern Luzon, the Philippines. CTF—Coastal Thrust Fault, PFZ—Philippine Fault Zone, VAF—Vigan-Aggao Fault, PF—Pugo Fault, TeF—Tebbo Fault, TF—Tuba Fault, DF—Digdig Fault, EZF—East Zambales Fault, and MVFS—Marikina Valley Fault System.

What are the active volcanoes in the Philippines and their location?

Volcanoes of the Philippines

Item No. Name of Volcano Province
1 Babuyan Claro Babuyan Island Group, Cagayan in Luzon
2 Banahaw Boundaries of Laguna and Quezon in Luzon
3 Biliran (Anas) Leyte in Visayas
4 Bud Dajo Sulu in Mindanao

Who discovered the Philippine Trench?

At the time of the expedition, the Philippine Trench was the deepest known part of the ocean. The first crewed descent to the Emden Deep was made by American undersea explorer Victor Vescovo and Filipino oceanographer Deo Florence Onda in March 23, 2021.

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