How much money does Vietnam spend on education?

What does Vietnam government spend money on?

Government expenses include spending on current goods and services, which economists call government consumption (government investment expenditures such as infrastructure investment or research expenditure and transfer payments like unemployment or retirement benefits).

What percentage of income is spent on education?

While spending on education has increased in absolute terms since 2014-’15, it has remained stagnant at around 10.5% of the total government Budget and has only increased from 2.8% of GDP in 2014-’15 to 3.1% in 2019-’20, as per the government’s 2019-’20 Economic Survey.

How much do countries spend on education GDP?

Among the 35 OECD countries reporting data in 2017, the average total expenditures on education institutions constituted 4.9 percent of GDP.

How much Japan spends on education?

The initial budget of the national government’s general account for education and science expenditures was set at around 5.4 trillion Japanese yen in 2021, down from approximately 9.2 trillion yen in the previous year.

Characteristic Expenditure in trillion Japanese yen

What does Vietnam spend most of its taxes on?

Sub-national spending now accounts for approximately 55 percent of all Government expenditure, 70 percent of total public investment, 85 percent of education expenditure and 80 percent of health expenditure.

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What does government expenditure include?

Government spending refers to money spent by the public sector on the acquisition of goods and provision of services such as education, healthcare, social protection. … This includes public consumption and public investment, and transfer payments consisting of income transfers.

How much China spends on education?

That year, the total public spending on education in China amounted to around 5.3 trillion yuan.

Public education spending per student in China in 2020, by level of education (in yuan)

Characteristic Public spending per student in yuan

How much does Russia spend on education?

In total, the government expended more than 4.3 trillion Russian rubles on the educational sector in 2020. Looking at the average spending per student, the highest figure was recorded for higher education, at 393 thousand Russian rubles. That was equal to approximately 5.5 thousand U.S. dollars.

How much US spends on education?

Public Education Spending in California

California K-12 schools spend $12,728 per pupil for a total of $79.84 billion annually. Expenditures are equivalent to 2.99% of taxpayer income.

Where does US rank in education?

Education Rankings By Country 2021

Country Rank (2021) 2021 Population
United States 1 332,915,073
United Kingdom 2 68,207,116
Germany 3 83,900,473
Canada 4 38,067,903

How much does Germany spend on education?

Across all levels of education, Germany devotes 10.5% of total public expenditure on education, up from 9.8% in 2005. Other countries that devote a similar proportion of public spending on education include France (10.4%), Hungary (10.0%) and Spain (10.8%) (Table B4.

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