Question: Is it legal to own a cat in Singapore?

Does Singapore allow cats?

Yes, kittens at least 16 weeks old, traveling from Category A (no-risk rabies) countries are permitted to travel to Singapore. However, cats must be at least 7 months of age to be permitted to enter Singapore from any other country. Cats must be 3 months old to get their rabies vaccinations.

What animals are illegal to own in Singapore?

Wild animals are illegal to be sold, advertised for sale or kept as pets in Singapore: All reptiles (e.g. All snakes, all lizards such as green iguanas and geckos, star tortoises, pig-nosed turtles, Chinese soft shelled turtles etc) except for the red-eared slider terrapin and the Malayan box turtle.

How can I legally own a cat?

Your dog or cat must be registered on the NSW Pet Registry by the time it’s 6 months old. Registration is done once and is valid for the lifetime of the pet. If a dog or cat changes owners, there is no need to register the pet again or pay an additional registration fee.

Are cats allowed in HDB Singapore?

Cats. Cats are not allowed in flats. They are generally difficult to contain within the flat. When allowed to roam indiscriminately, they tend to shed fur and defecate or urinate in public areas, and also make caterwauling sounds, which can inconvenience your neighbours.

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Is Bengal cat legal in Singapore?

Singapore has a ban on the import of first to fourth generation Bengal and Savannah cats and crosses.

Is Axolotl legal in Singapore?

I recently came back to singapore to visit my family and took the time to look around the aquarium shops. From my understanding, ALL salamander species are not legal in singapore. That includes the axolotl (also known as the mexican walking fish). The only amphibians you can keep are frogs and toads.

Can I own a cat in condo?

As every condo has their own rules regarding keeping pets in condo it’s best you refer to your MCST on this issue. That being said, if you are only keeping one cat, most condos should allow it. Issues usually arise when owners do not pick up after their pets or allowing their pets to disturb/cause nuisance to others.

Why are corgis not allowed in HDB?

As the corgis might exhibit traits of being fearful, they are unsuitable for families with young children. … It is also a known fact that corgis’ chances of having spinal issues can be very high, owing to their short legs and long body. Despite their relatively small stature, corgis are not a HDB-approved breed.

Can I have 4 dogs in Singapore?

A maximum of three dogs is allowed to be kept in any one private (non-HDB residential or commercial) premises. Only one Specified dog can be licensed and kept in each private (non-HDB residential or commercial) premises.

What is the law on cats?

By law in NSW, cats must be microchipped and registered before 4-months of age and there is a very big discount on your registration fee if your kitten/cat is desexed. … To find your local council, visit

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Is it illegal to run over a cat 2020?

Currently there is no law that requires you to stop after hitting a cat on the road. The road traffic act 1988 states that legally, you must report hitting the following animals to the police. This applies whether the animal is dead or injured. … But the decent thing to do is to try and reach the owner of the animal.

Can cats roam free?

The law on letting your cat outside

“Unfurtunately”, there is no clear-cut countrywide law on letting your cat roam freely. There aren’t usually statewide laws, either. While the US does have countrywide and statewide laws on things like animal cruelty, your city or county sets laws regarding free-roaming cats.