What are the services of Okada Manila Hotel?

What type of company is Okada Manila?

Okada Manila is a travel company. It offers food and beverages, and also provides hospitality, entertainment, dining, and other services.

What makes Okada Manila unique?

Quite unique to Okada Manila is its Y-shaped hotel that gleams a bright gold color against the sunset. … The two wings of the hotel — Pearl and Coral — will be connected by two sky bridges and will have 15 floors each. There’s an indoor beach, The Cove, with a maximum capacity of 4,500 guests.

What type of business is Manila hotel?

Manila Hotel Corp owns and operates a hotel. The Company offers suites, meeting rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, spa, health club, business center, room service, concierge, souvenir shops, and a medical clinic. Manila Hotel operates in Philippines.

Why Okada Manila is the best?

It sets the new gold standard for five-star luxury with its many distinct innovations that combine advanced technology, top-class amenities, environment-friendly architectural planning, and world-class entertainment options, all delivered with the kind of exemplary service that personifies the unique blend of Japanese …

Who is the owner of Okada?

About Universal Entertainment Corp.

Universal Entertainment (TSE: 6425) is a key player in the Asian integrated resorts business through its ownership of the Okada Manila hotel and casino.

Who is the CEO of Okada Manila?

Steve Wolstenholme, President, Okada Manila: Interview.

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