What does Motmot mean in Filipino?

What does shuta Ka mean?

Shuta ka talaga.” “I was so surprised! Shuta ka!” ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW.

What does na mean in Filipino?

Na means and but of/ng is different. If you get into Filipino verbs you will eventually find out about this. So, saying “I’m tired na” could mean “I’m tired now.” But to beginners in Filipino, they might say “I’m tired and”

What does 150 mean in Philippines?

yes its a monetary slang we use to call for how much the payment is for one night. it litterally mean 150 pesos though. See a translation.

Is AWIT a bad word?

Awit: Although this word has in the past traditionally been used to refer to a “song,” many young people now use it as a contraction of aw, sakit, which means “ouch.” Many millennials don’t use it literally to refer to physical pain, however, and use it more as a general term to refer to a negative or undesirable

What does Beke Nemen meaning?

really bad. Last Update: 2019-12-11.

What is Nalang in English?

nalang. degrees; maybe; just; May related with: Tagalog. English.

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What is NGA in Tagalog?

Nga. Ever asked someone what nga means in Filipino? Nga is used to stress the answer of a question the speaker has already answered. The intonation of the speaker is usually irritated. … Adding nga after any of the five W questions, how, how many or which, will do the trick.

What do we say Nag in English?

A cobra is a kind of poisonous snake.

What does carps mean?

to find fault or complain querulously or unreasonably; be niggling in criticizing; cavil: to carp at minor errors.

Is Filipino a dying language?

Not dying. But a lot of other languages in the Philippines have died off because of Tagalog. Many more languages are in the process of being diluted and outrightly extinguished as Tagalog imposes itself on native Philippine cultures. are very fluent speaking in Tagalog.

What does GG mean in Tagalog?

Win or lose, never forget to say, “GG” after a game. It means “Good game.”

What does SML mean in Tagalog?

SML is also a texting slang in Tagalog, the language spoken in the Philippines. It stands for “share mo lang,” and according to Urban Dictionary, is used as slang to mean “I don’t care” or “so what.” The term is used as a sarcastic comment if someone is talking about something one does not care about.

What does ng mean in Tagalog?

* /ng/ replaces /n/. Na/-ng can also be understood as that, which or who. Examples: asong tumalon.