What routes does Singapore Airlines fly the A380?

Do singapore airlines still fly A380?

But although airlines including Lufthansa and Air France have retired their superjumbos, carriers such as Singapore Airlines and British Airways, as well as Emirates, Qantas and All Nippon Airways, remain committed to the A380. Check out our guide on where to fly on a superjumbo here.

How many A380 does SIA have?

Current fleet

Aircraft In service Passengers
Airbus A380-800 17 471
Boeing 737-800 14 162
Boeing 737 MAX 8 6 154

Will Singapore Airlines A380 return to service?

SINGAPORE – The long-grounded Airbus A380 planes from Singapore Airlines (SIA) will return to passenger service soon, after being grounded for more than 1½ years due to the dip in passenger demand from the Covid-19 pandemic. … The jumbo plane will fly from Singapore to London as Flight SQ322, and return as Flight SQ317.

What airports can land A380?

According to Airbus, the A380 can run scheduled operations to 140 airports across the world. Many of these are hub airports in major cities such as London Heathrow, New York’s JFK, or Sydney’s Kingsford Smith.

Is Airbus A380 coming back?

The Airbus A380 is making a comeback as more pandemic-era travel restrictions are lifted. British Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Qatar Airways say they will fly their A380s before the end of the year. Other airlines have permanently said goodbye to their A380s in favor of more economical planes.

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Why is Singapore Airlines retiring A380?

“It’s quite a big industrial operation to part out aircraft.” An SIA spokesperson told CNA the decision to scrap the A380s locally was based on factors including the expertise of local and international vendors, the closure of international borders and the cost of dismantling the aircraft.

How many passengers can an Airbus A380?

While the A380-800 is certified for up to 853 passengers (538 on the main deck and 315 on the upper), achievable with a one-class configuration, Airbus references a “comfortable three-class” 525-passenger configuration in their marketing material however few airlines have configured A380s with that many seats.

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