Which land masses are found to the north of the Philippines?

Which large land mass is found to the south of the Philippines?

The three major geographical areas in the Philippines are the large island of Luzon in the north, which includes Manila; the large island of Mindanao in the south; and the group of islands lying between them, known as the Visayas.

Which large body of the water is found to the north?

The Pacific Ocean is a body of salt water extending from the Antarctic region in the south to the Arctic in the north and lying between the continents of Asia and Australia on the west and North America and South America on the east.

Which bodies of water in the list are found to the north of the Philippines?

The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, on the eastern rim of the Asiatic Mediterranean. It is bounded in the west by the South China Sea; in the east by the Pacific Ocean; in the south by the Sulu and Celebes Seas; and in the north by the Bashi Channel.

Why Philippines is called an archipelago?

The Philippines is called an archipelago because it consists of thousands of islands. The definition of an archipelago is a large group of islands….

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