You asked: What Colour is the Cambodian flag?

How many flags does Cambodia have?

Cambodia has adopted a total of 10 different flags over the course of its history since the mid-19th century. The current flag was first adopted in 1948 when Cambodia was still a French protectorate, and was retained after the country gained self-rule from France in 1953.

Why did the Cambodian flag change?

In 1970 a military led coup brought a republican government and the country became the Khmer Republic. The flag was changed to a blue field with three white five-pointed stars in the top right corner and a red rectangle with white Angkor Wat in the top left corner.

How do you say how are you in Cambodia?

Basic Khmer greetings and essentials

  1. Chom reap sour [chom-reap-sore] – Hello (formal)
  2. Susadei [soos-a-day] – Hello (informal)
  3. Soksaby [soks-a-bye] – How are you and I am fine. …
  4. Chom reap lear [chom-reep-lear] – Goodbye (formal) …
  5. Lee hi [lee-hi] – Goodbye (informal) …
  6. Jah [chaa] – Yes (female) …
  7. Ot teh [ot-tei] – No.
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