Your question: What is agarwood Philippines?

What is the name of agarwood in the Philippines?

Agarwood-producing Aquilaria species found in the Philippines are A. apicultina (Mindanao), A. acuminata, A. cumingiana, and A.

Scientific names Common names
Agarwood (Engl.)
Aloeswood (Engl.)
Gyrinopsis cumingiana Decne. is a synonym of Aquilaria cumingiana (Decne.) Ridl. The Plant List

Why is agarwood illegal in the Philippines?

The sale of agarwood, a rare and expensive raw material used in perfumes, is illegal in the Philippines. … “It is very difficult to tell if a tree has produced agarwood, and so this results in the indiscriminate cutting of Lapnisan and Lanete,” he said.

How much is agarwood in Philippines?

Agarwood is one of the most expensive raw materials used in perfumery, costing at least P160,000 per kilo in the Philippines.

Is it illegal to sell agarwood in the Philippines?

Selling of agarwood or lapnisan is illegal in the Philippines. It is found only in the heart of the jungles in Mindanao and Visayas.

Why agarwood is so expensive?

Natural agarwood is now very valuable. It can be 100 times higher than artificial agarwood. Because there isn’t any natural agarwood in nature, people can set any price for it. Artificial agarwood is known to be a human-made product, so the prices are lower.

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What is the most valuable tree?

The 5 Most Expensive Trees in the World

  • Sandalwood– $20,000 per tree. …
  • African Blackwood– $10,000 per kilogram. …
  • Agar Wood– $10,000 per kilogram. …
  • Bocote– $30 per board. …
  • Pink Ivory– $8 per board.

What planting zone is the Philippines?

Philippine gardens may be lush with local plants, bright colors, and striking flowers. If your growing zone permits plants that grow in USDA zones 12 to 13, you can easily grow Philippine plants. The rest of us can substitute with other tropical looking flora.

How long does agarwood take to grow?

Since agarwood formation in natural environment is a very long process which can take up to 10 years, the development of effective induction technology has received a great attention as it is extremely crucial to ensure the stability of agarwood yield from the domesticated Aquilaria trees.

Where can I get agarwood?

Aquilaria species that produce agarwood

  • Aquilaria acuminata, found in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia & Philippines.
  • Aquilaria apiculata, found in Philippines.
  • Aquilaria baillonil, found in Thailand and Cambodia.
  • Aquilaria banaensae, found in Vietnam.
  • Aquilaria beccariana, found in Indonesia.